Free your capital from employee healthcare overspend.

At Pearl Logic, we’re not brokers, we’re consultants. We help you to reduce employee healthcare costs, access higher-quality care and recover hidden margin that you didn’t even know was there.

No Business Disruption

No Transfer of Costs

No Hidden Commission

Higher Quality Healthcare

Eliminate excess employee healthcare overspending.

Through our Objective Analysis, we can reduce employee healthcare cost between ~$100 – $300+ per employee, per month, and create better healthcare outcomes.

Let us show you how to:

Contain astronomical yearly increases and access higher quality employee healthcare.

Reduce employee healthcare-related budget constraints to reinvest into other key areas.
Eliminate employee healthcare overspend for improved margins and better profitability.

Get the unbiased* information you need to make informed decisions.

We do not sell healthcare plans, nor are we affiliated with any healthcare providers, vendors, agents or brokers. Pearl Logic works solely on a performance basis. We’re employer advocates, with a fiduciary responsibility to you.

Learn why employee healthcare costs are out of control and what you can do about it. View our 60-minute webcast for CEOs and CFOs.

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If you have 50 – 10,000+ employees, a 30 minute investment of time could save you ~$100 – $300+ per employee, per month.

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We saw immediate savings. I was shocked by how much was saved. It’s a no brainer. Pearl Logic is going to save you money, no matter what. They have the right tools, processes and expertise. Operations VP, Catholic Dioceses Southwest

Pearl Logic did everything. They functioned as if they were part of our team. They were very courteous, diplomatic, and focused on the needs of our employees. Our experience with Pearl Logic was super positive. CFO of Large, Multi-State Fuel and Convenience Store Chain
Pearl Logic is a company of integrity and trustworthiness. I am not sure why the whole country is not using Pearl Logic. Head of Procurement, Midsized Credit Union
One of our biggest regrets is that we did not find Pearl Logic sooner. Operations VP, Large Midwest Sales Company

30% – 70% lower employee healthcare Wholesale Rates are easily available, with access to higher quality care and better outcomes. Yet 96% of US Employers still pay Retail Rates.

Here’s how we can help:

1. Schedule an executive-level consultation

You receive a no-cost, no-obligation objective analysis showing how much you’re currently overspending, and therefore your currently available and underutilized margins.

2. Make your informed decision.

With your analysis report in-hand, we guide you through making an informed decision, without any smoke, mirrors or bias.

3. Allocate your new net margin.

You focus on your business, while we focus on reducing your cost. Invest your new net margin as we achieve better outcomes from higher quality care for your plan members.

Take total control of your employee healthcare spend.

Since 1999, employee healthcare costs have risen by 662% for family coverage. We’ve seen the alarming impact this rise has had first-hand, as employers grapple with budget constraints, ever-increasing expenses and staggering reductions in margins.

After 20 years of auditing, analysis, and expense mitigation projects, we have the expertise to proactively control and remove these obstructions to increased margins. Powered by 500+ use-cases and a collective $187+ million saved in overspending, we can help you realize the true ROI of your operating capital. You already have all the skills you need. Let us show you how to put them into action.

The Outcomes of a Pearl Logic Audit

What we do for you.


We only make money when you save money. You can trust our consultants to deliver transparent and impartial assessments, every time.

Huge Cost

Most employer groups experience a reduction of costs by around ~$100 – $300+ per employee, per month with our guidance and implementation of our objective recommendations.

Hand-in-Hand Implementation

We’re by your side. After analyzing your plans, coverages and costs, our consultants help you take steps towards eliminating any overspend.

Saving companies money since

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Typical savings per employee, per month

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What could you do with your new net margin?

Retain & Attract Top Talent
Boost Cash Reserves
Give Raises & Bonuses
Increases Sales & Marketing
Improve Employee Training
Purchase Updated Equipment
Develop New Products
Expand the Company
Invest in Company Culture

How the Healthcare System is shredding your margins.

Uncover the true potential of your employee healthcare savings.

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